Embedded Mysql on Delphi XE2

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Embedded Mysql on Delphi XE2

Postby zeeh1975 » 08.11.2013, 19:37

Hi, I'm trying to use zeosdbo 7.1.2-stable on Delphi XE2 Ide, I've compiled and executed mysql embedded sample it compiles and run fine, but when in design time I try to enable the "Connected" property, it shows the following error "None of the dynamic libraries can be found or is not loadable: ...", and if I set the property "LibraryLocation" with the dll location y get an access violation exception on setting "Connected" to true.
Any suggestion on how to solve this issue would be appreciated.

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Re: Embedded Mysql on Delphi XE2

Postby EgonHugeist » 09.11.2013, 12:43


nope no idea yet. I'm not using the embeddeds yet. Did you add all rewuired tables to you env.?
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