ZeosLib 7.1, SQL Server 2012, Delphi XE2

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ZeosLib 7.1, SQL Server 2012, Delphi XE2

Postby Radek » 21.07.2014, 14:44

Hi All,

I'm considering to use ZeosLib 7.1 (stable) to build an application which acts against SQL Server 2012 database engine but I have no idea if ZeosLib work properly in such configuration, so I would like to ask, if somebody has experience using ZeosLib 7.1 on SQL Server 2012.
My IDE is Delphi 2012 Pro.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Best regards,

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Re: ZeosLib 7.1, SQL Server 2012, Delphi XE2

Postby EgonHugeist » 02.08.2014, 17:04

Works nice with these protocols

for the last two you need the proper lib's to get it running.
King regards, Michael

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