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Zeos 7.1.3 Sybase ASE 15.5 TZStroredProc

Postby Sebastien » 07.05.2015, 14:52


I have a problem with TZStoredProc and the params value send to Sybase.
My stored proc is :

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@NUCAMP int,@RANGACT int,@SOC int,
@SOCPRT  int
  insert into TMP values (@NUCAMP,@RANGACT,@SOC, @SOCPRT, getdate())

The table TMP :

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create table TMP (
  N_NUCAMP int Null,
  N_RANGACT int Null,
  N_SOC int Null,
  N_SOCPRT int Null,
  SYB_DATE datetime Null)

The TZStoredProc don't send the correct values for parameters.
For example : no matter what values i set to the parameters (except null) the procedure recieve always 1,1,1,1.

If i use a TZQuery instead of TZStoredProc, the procedure recieve the good parameters.

I'm using Zeoslib 7.1.3, but i have the same behavior with 7.1.4, 7.2 and 7.3 (all from SVN repository).

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