Some bugs in 7.0.4

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Some bugs in 7.0.4

Postby kellwin » 17.07.2013, 19:51

Looks like I found 2 bugs in stable version.
1. ZDBCInterbaseMetadata.pas
function TZInterbase6DatabaseMetadata.UncachedGetColumns

Code: Select all

1810:        case TypeName of
1812:          7, 8 : Result.UpdateInt(7, 0);
1813:          16   : Result.UpdateInt(7, GetInt(ColumnIndexes[9]));
1814:          37, 38: UpdateNull(7);

The Last row should be:

Code: Select all

1814:          37, 38: Result.UpdateNull(7);

2. ZDBCMySql.pas
procedure TZMySQLConnection.Open;

Code: Select all

314:  GetPlainDriver.Init(FHandle);
315:  {EgonHugeist: Arrange Client-CodePage/CharacterSet first
    Now we know if UTFEncoding is neccessary or not}
316:  sMy_client_Char_Set :=String(GetPlainDriver.GetConnectionCharacterSet(FHandle));
317:  ConSettings.ClientCodePage := GetPlainDriver.ValidateCharEncoding(sMy_client_Char_Set); //This sets the internal use of Encodings..

In row 316 in some very old versions of MySQL-4.1 client dll, which I unhappily met, CharSet is not set to default after Init, so we get access violation error. (Best way is to upgrade the dll at last)
Proposed correction:
if GetPlainDriver.GetClientVersion<40110 then ConSettings.ClientCodePage:='latin1' else ConSettings.ClientCodePage:=GetPlainDriver.GetConnectionCharacterSet(FHandle));

Didn't want to register on bug tracker, sorry.

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Postby EgonHugeist » 18.07.2013, 13:26


patch done: R2519 /testing7.1 for the firebird thing
See: ... 01f0f:2518

patch done: R2520 /testing7.1 for the MySQL issue
(I couldn't accept the static 'latin1' in our code) See:

what i don't know is: is the InformationSchema accessable on MySQL 4? on the other hand we should implement a workaround..
King regards, Michael

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