Error in 7.0.4

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Error in 7.0.4

Postby Coldzer0 » 27.07.2013, 18:54

in ZDbcSqLiteUtils.pas

line 259

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 Error := String(StrPas(PlainDriver.ErrorString(ErrorCode)));

in XE4 make some Error

System.SysUtils.pas(11512): Related method: function StrPas(const PAnsiChar): AnsiString;

Fix :

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      Error := String(System.AnsiStrings.StrPas(PlainDriver.ErrorString(ErrorCode)));
      Error := String(StrPas(PlainDriver.ErrorString(ErrorCode)));

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Postby EgonHugeist » 27.07.2013, 19:19


thanks for the hint. Well 7.0.4 isn't 100% ready for XE4. Propose you download 7.1-Beta from SVN.

The best fix is simply to omit StrPas functions.. They are deprecated since D6. ):
King regards, Michael

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