Insert problem with SQLite and D2010

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Insert problem with SQLite and D2010

Postby mnemonic_br » 13.09.2013, 11:02

Hi people,
I am new here but have been using ZL for sereval years, mainly with PostgreSQL. Right now I start a new application which requiries using SQLite. I downloaded the lastest sqlite3.dll and put my comps on the project. Everything seems to work fine but the insert into.

The insert statement will not work, getting me a wierd problem on the table as it results of repeating the same data for all the fields! Select is working fine, delete not tested yet.

So, if I do: insert into mytable (id, name, addr) values (:id, :name:, :addr) and use a qry.ParamByName('name').AsString (or .Value) and set the addr parameter, none of that info will be saved, strangely the ID column value will replace all the fields.

Is there another right way to use ZL with Sqlite? I really need solve this asap.

Thank you everyone.

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Re: Insert problem with SQLite and D2010

Postby marsupilami » 14.09.2013, 08:04

Hello mnemonic_br,

which version of Zeos and Delphi or FPC do you use?
Best regards,


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