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How to use our SVN repository

Postby mdaems » 21.10.2006, 22:29

1) Download TortoiseSVN from
2) Install it
3) Restart you computer
4) Open Windows explorer
5) Create a folder wherever you want that will store the ZeosDBO developement branch files.
6) Right-click the folder and select the option 'SVN Checkout...'
7) In the checkout window there is a text box labeled 'URL of repository', click on it and type 'svn://' (make sure you're not checking out the full project repository or you may run out of disk space!!)
8 ) Be sure 'HEAD revision' is selected
9) Click OK button

10)TortoiseSVN should start to download all files, this can take a while depending on your internet speed and server load.

11) Wait till all download is finished. To get always latest revision changes you can update the folder anytime by right clicking on the folder and select 'SVN Update' in the context menu. The update will add, remove and update files contained in the latest revision in the server.

12) Since yesterday there is a new release '/tags/6.6.0-beta'. this contains the latest (quite) stable release. Some people do use this (beta!) version as the component suite for production.

13) If you want to have latest patches and updates use the '/branches/testing' sources. They will contain up to date sources but we can't assure some new features or patches can cause the component to fail in certain ways.

14) In between there is the /trunk branch, which is the branch connecting different releases. Once tested for a while in testing branch all new coding moves here. Releases are snapshots ofthis branch.

This short introduction was written by fduenas.
Thanks, Francisco

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