Problem with cross compilation for win32

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Problem with cross compilation for win32

Postby gelinp » 11.11.2015, 19:56


I'm using zeos components with lazarus 1.4 and Debian Jessie. I would like to cross compile my project using SQLite connexion, to win32 target. But I've got the error message :

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ZDbcAdo.pas(136,21) Fatal: Impossible de trouver l'unité ZDbcAdoMetaData utilisé par ZDbcAdo du paquet zdbc

I tried to use {$DEFINE ZEOS_DISABLE_ADO} into file but I've got an other error :

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Illegal parameter : -WG

I can't understand this parameter and I can't find where is the definition...

I can't find documentation about cross compilation with zeos component. Could you please indicate where I could find it ? Or what to do for the cross compilation.

Thank you for your help.

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