Erro starting a transaction and autocommit disable

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Erro starting a transaction and autocommit disable

Postby llutti » 08.07.2016, 18:56


I create a new form and put a TZConnection. Change the property AutoCommit to false.

When I try to start a transaction occurs this error:

Code: Select all


[Debugger Exception Notification]

Project projectSqlDB raised exception class 'EZDatabaseError' with message:
Invalid operation in non AutoCommit mode

In file 'C:\lazarus\zeosdb\src\component\ZAbstractConnection.pas' at line 959:
raise EZDatabaseError.Create(SInvalidOpInNonAutoCommit);

To solve this problem I change the procedure TZAbstractConnection.StartTransaction to this:

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procedure TZAbstractConnection.StartTransaction;
//  CheckAutoCommitMode; // llutti comment
  if FExplicitTransactionCounter = 0 then
    AutoCommit := False;

  CheckAutoCommitMode; // llutti moved

I don't now if this is the correct solution, but it works.

I Using Lazarus 1.7 and Zeos 7.2beta.



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