Size of fields strings in zquery

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Size of fields strings in zquery

Postby » 18.08.2016, 02:29

Hi, i am brazilian. My english is poor. Sorry. :[

I using Delphi 7 and using postgresql 9.4 with one database (UTF8) and one table:

CREATE TABLE cadcidade
id_cadcidade bigint NOT NULL, -- Sequencial de identificação da cidade.
nome character varying(100) NOT NULL, -- Nome da cidade.
estado character varying(2) NOT NULL, -- Sigla do estado da cidade.
CONSTRAINT pk_cadcidade PRIMARY KEY (id_cadcidade)

I start a new project, in delphi 7.
Added TZConnection and configured it .
Added tzquery and configured sql property.
When i add fields, the field estado was add string with property size equals 8 (2 * 4). The original size is 2.

Why ? Please help-me.

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