FB transaction Err (possible bug)

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FB transaction Err (possible bug)

Postby igors233 » 11.09.2016, 20:31

Hi, I'm using Zeos 7.2 (tried with 7.3 as well) with mORMot and I'm having issues when inserting records into Firebird database.
I'm using hard_commit and using parametarized insert containing BLOB field:
INSERT INTO TABLEA(Field1, BlobField2) VALUES(?, ?);

On a first insert it's all well (transaction is auto commited and record is inserted into db), however on a next run it fails in WriteLobBuffer since FTransactionHandle references commited transaction and new one haven't been started.
That's usually done in GetTrHandle which is called at appropriate moment however, GetTrHandle isn't called when there's a blob field, perhaps this is an omission or bug?

BTW is WriteLobBuffer naming typing error or that's as designed?

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