Copy a Table in DataModule does not work

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Copy a Table in DataModule does not work

Postby ToodleDoo » 09.03.2017, 23:31

Hi, I have a DataModule with a Connection, Source (srcOne) and Table (tblOne).

I wanted a duplicate set of Source and Table with slightly different names so I used an SQLite Manager to make a copy of tblOne for the new Table (tblOneB) in the database.

I then went back to the DataModule copied the srcOne and tblOne and pasted them to the DataModule.

I selected the new Table, tblOneB an changed the TableName from tblOne to tblOneB and all looked good.

Ran the program and tblOneB is still using tblOne as the TableName even though it clearly shows it as tblOneB in the Object Inspector.

I had to delete the tblOneB, restart Lazarus and then create a new Table for tblOneB and it all worked as expected.

A bug methinks.
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