unit ZAbstractRODataset, possible bug or wrong indentation

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unit ZAbstractRODataset, possible bug or wrong indentation

Postby Fr0sT » 13.09.2017, 12:25

unit ZAbstractRODataset, method TZAbstractRODataset.InternalOpen contains this fragment:

Code: Select all

    { Creates an SQL statement and resultsets }
    if not FUseCurrentStatment then
      if FSQL.StatementCount> 0 then
        ResultSet := CreateResultSet(FSQL.Statements[0].SQL, -1)
        ResultSet := CreateResultSet('', -1);
      if not Assigned(ResultSet) then
        if not (doSmartOpen in FOptions) then
          raise Exception.Create(SCanNotOpenResultSet)

The "if not Assigned(ResultSet)" block is indented so it possibly was meant to be inside "if not FUseCurrentStatment" block. Or it has excess indentation.

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