(RESOLVED)Where is the function for changed field?

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(RESOLVED)Where is the function for changed field?

Postby Soner » 26.02.2018, 18:32

I am using cachedupdates with TZQuery. I have in my query one fkinternalcalc-Field and I am using this as variable for one data row.
I had to change some code to take values for fkinternalcalc-Fields like this:

Code: Select all

// Don't take it now to ZEOS-Library it must be tested,
// maybe can cause problems on not cached datasets
// zeos\src\componenten\zdatasetutils.pas
procedure PostToResultSet(ResultSet: IZResultSet;
    Current := Fields[I];   
   // !!!!!! Change next line 586:  !!!
    if not (Current.FieldKind in [fkData, fkInternalCalc]) then //soner original: if Current.FieldKind <> fkData then

This is working good for cacheddatesets but when I change only InternalCalcfield then TZQuery.UpdatesPending is true and TZQuery.UpdateStatus is usModified.
When one Internalcalc-field is changed then I don't want set modified or UpdatesPending flag.
I could not find out, which function is called after Internalcalc-fields value is changed or changing.

Can you tell me which function is called when one fields value is changing?


I found it, it is procedure TZAbstractRODataset.SetFieldData in src/component/ZAbstractRODataset.pas

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Re: (RESOLVED)Where is the function for changed field?

Postby EgonHugeist » 04.03.2018, 13:58

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