Future of the beta test forum

The forum for ZeosLib 7.2 Report problems. Ask for help, post proposals for the new version and Zeoslib 7.2 features here. This is a forum that will be edited once the 7.2.x version goes into RC/stable!!

My personal intention for 7.2 is to speed up the internals as optimal a possible for all IDE's. Hope you can help?! Have fun with testing 7.2
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Future of the beta test forum

Postby marsupilami » 25.03.2018, 10:50

Hello all,

Egonhugeist originally intended to delete this forum after the beta phase of Zeos 7.2 if I understood him correctly. I am hesitant to do that because this Forum has a lot of knowledge in it. I suggest to rename it to be the Zeos 7.2 stable forum and only lock the beta test thread so no new posts can be added. Another option might be to make this whole forum read only and add a new forum for Zeos 7.2 stable.


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Re: Future of the beta test forum

Postby Fr0sT » 25.03.2018, 11:28

Agree with Jan, there's too much info here.

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Re: Future of the beta test forum

Postby miab3 » 25.03.2018, 15:35

It's enough to change the name to the "ZeosLib 7.2 stable Forum" and create a new one "ZeosLib 7.3 Betatest Forum" or "ZeosLib 7.3 Forum".


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