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ODBC Alpha testers thread

Postby EgonHugeist » 04.12.2015, 14:05

Hello Zeos-comunity!

since Nicholas year 2015 i added two new Drivers "odbc_a" and "odbc_w". This will be the topic thread for first testers to share first experiences.

To be clear:
The new driver simply is a native access driver for all odbc-Drivers. In addition Microsoft declared the OleDB as deprecated(year 2014). But odbc isn't thread save in all areas. This driver bypasses the known "ADO" bridge and glances with loads of performace!

Current performance tests are amazing! This new driver is imbelievable faster then ADO or the TDS protocol (thinking about MSSQL).
For the TZConnection users: click the button on the Database property editor and the ODBC-connection-string builder dialog will open.

known issues until 04.12.2015:
-a IZCallableStatement is missing -> TZStoredProcedure is not supported yet! So let's fix it.

fast lob reading is introduced. It depends on chunked reads. Increase 'Chunk_size=x' in bytes(defult 4KB/chunk) for faster reading!

Stay tuned! Happy Christmas! Please help!
Feel free to attach performance results!
King regards, Michael

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