ZTable: Datagrid stays empty

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ZTable: Datagrid stays empty

Postby eNTi » 16.06.2010, 15:14

hi everyone.

i'm rather new to delphi and zeoslib and i'm in charge of maintaining a delphi 7 project, because the former developer left the team. so this project is using zeos to display and alter tables around the board. there's one specific form that looks like the following:

Code: Select all

... -> TTabSheet -> TDBGrid -> TDBGridColumns -> TColumn

now the TDBGrid has got a TDataSource as DataSource, which in turn uses a TZTable as a DataSet which uses a (working) TZConnection.

the idea is probably, that the user of the program can view, alter and add the rows in the TDBGrid.

my problem now is that the TDBGrid doesn't show anything and i'm not able to edit anything in TDBGrid itself. most other tables work fine, but this one is the only one using an actual TZTable. all the other queries seem to work with ZQuery. did i miss something here? could you tell me how to proceed or what information i need to provide, so that you might be able to help me?

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Postby seawolf » 20.06.2010, 22:32

Just some silly questions:
Which DB are you using? It looks like the connection to the DB is not open? Could be the Connection path?

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Postby mdaems » 29.08.2010, 20:57

Is the tablename set in the TZTable component and is the TZTable Opened or Active?


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