Newbe - How to lookup databases on server

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Newbe - How to lookup databases on server

Postby Cirunz » 31.03.2006, 15:19

Hi, I have a MSSQL server with various databases on it and I'd like to fill a combo with the list of this databases so the user can choose wich one he want to connect. There is a way to do such a thing?
I think there is because at design time if I select host and protocol in the Object Inspector than I can select the database to connect exactly in this way, but I don't recognize how to do this.

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Postby mparak » 20.09.2008, 22:28

I think what you need here is the "show databases" command.
Try it.

You are welcome

Mohammed Parak
Durban South Africa
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Postby mdaems » 21.09.2008, 08:50

Maybe even better : ZConnection.GetSchemanames or GetCatalognames. These functions give TStringLists you can feed directly into a Listbox.

(A quick look at our code in ZPropertyEditor.pas makes me think it's GetCatalogNames.)


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