Just setting up Zeos correctly

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Just setting up Zeos correctly

Postby lexd » 25.02.2015, 13:39

I have windows 7, Delphi 7, zeos 2008 version what ever that is as I tried to get the latest from torry pages. And I installed MySQL Server 5.6 .MSI with everything that can be installed.
all the time working in the blind not knowing what is really needed

I made my own table in mysql ok

with Zeos, SQL Connection1 to find the libmysql.dll I used a windows shortcut placed into my project files worked after some figuring.

I'm now asked for " db2cli.dll " that is not apart of anything and the web says its part of MS SQL but what part can any one source it and any supporting files it needs. Should these files be with Zeos and why is the help so bad with this subject?

I hope this helps some. Do I have any friends out their that has figured this to the end please. thanks in advance.

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Re: Just setting up Zeos correctly

Postby marsupilami » 26.02.2015, 17:33

Hello lexd,

can you upgrade to the latest Zeos Version that is available from the sourceforge downloadpage at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zeoslib/? Usually this should solve your problem because in that Version you can set the mysql library to use in a property of the TZConnection. Any Zeos Version from 2008 is outdated.
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