MySQL 5 & Delphi7 Incompatible?

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MySQL 5 & Delphi7 Incompatible?

Postby seiraya » 31.05.2006, 06:08

Hi All,

Is Zeos 6.1.5 incompatible with MySQL 5 & Delphi7 IDE?
It was worked with MySQL 3.23.

am i missing something? or how can i change libmysql.dll with new one?
is it Copy it to C:\WINDOWS\


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Postby mdaems » 31.05.2006, 12:53

Hi, Seiraya.
I don't have an idea whether it's compatible or not. If mysql4.1 is supported it should work by replacing libmysql with the most recent version from mysql.

Can't you change to 6.5.1? I knowthere are some differences, so if you have to transform a old app it may be a little difficult. For new apps I recommend 6.5.1, SVN version. More details about SVN versions can be found in the 6.5.1 forum threads. This version should be at least as stable as 6.1.5.

For those who don't use a SVN client, a few days ago I packaged it into a new release file, hoping Michael would publish it. Here's an unofficial link: 7zip version or zip version


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