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Zeos Cannot Commit

Postby fadhilah » 15.08.2006, 04:53

Dear Zeos,
Iam using Zeos 6.1.5(included 2 latest patch), Delphi 7 and Postgresql.
When I edit/add record and then post (and commit also) my change to my postgreql server, it wont updated. My AutoCommit status is 0
Iam Post using ZQuery.Post and Commit using ZQuery.CommitUpdates.

Another case, when i am using Data Control (DBGrid) with same connection and setting, my Post is done but the problem is I haven't do commited yet but change was commited(like I set autocommit=true) but my autocommit is false.

Would you mind to help me

Thank you very much

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Postby pol » 15.08.2006, 12:26

For me it helped to do a ZQuery.ApplyUpdates after the ZQuery.Post, although I didn't use cached updates.
With autocommit try it this way: set it to true, then at the right point issue a StartTransaction (which sets it internally to false, strange enough...) and finally a Commit.


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