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ZeosDBO 6.1.5 for Firebird 2.0

Postby cipto_kh » 28.08.2006, 05:55

I want to know if there is anyone already using ZeosDBO 6.1.5 for Firebird 2.0??
Because I had an old project that still use ZeosDBO 6.1.5 and I read that the 6.5.1 is has many property or method that different from version 6.1.5 and beside that the 6.5.1 version is still in alpha??

Zeos Dev Team
Zeos Dev Team
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Postby gto » 28.08.2006, 13:44

Hello there
Yes, the status of 6.5.1 still alpha. Anyway, there are many people using it as stable release with no single problem. The firebird 2 support was added into CVS/SVN versions, you can download the latest pack here:


About changes, yes, there are one single change that you may deal with. The property RequestLive (which makes the query "writeable") becomes ReadOnly. The mean of propert is the same, but the logic is reverse (A true RequestLive means a False ReadOnly). In my oppinion it is less confusing.

I hardly suggest you to upgrade to newer versions.

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