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Problems with project compilation with Zeos componets

Posted: 22.01.2011, 02:00
by georg275
Hi! I'm trying to compile project with ZeosLib components. But compiler find strange errors in libraries. By example:

[C++ Error] ZPlainAdo.hpp(516): E2040 Declaration terminated incorrectly

on row

#pragma option pop
__property Word EOF = {read=_scw_Get_EOF};


[C++ Error] oledb.h(2920): E2015 Ambiguity between 'DBROWCOUNT' and 'Zplaindblibdriver::DBROWCOUNT'

on rows

/* [in] */ HCHAPTER hReserved,
/* [in] */ DBROWOFFSET lRowsOffset,
/* [in] */ DBROWCOUNT cRows,
/* [out] */ DBCOUNTITEM __RPC_FAR *pcRowsObtained,
/* [size_is][size_is][out] */ HROW __RPC_FAR *__RPC_FAR *prghRows) = 0;

Version of ZeosLib is 6.6.3. It's enough put one component TZconnection on the form, for receive these errors. More strange, that if I create new project with one form and put some components of ZeosLib, it compiles without such problems.

I hope you have solved the problem

Posted: 18.04.2013, 14:59
by jjeffman
Probably you have ADO components on your application. I think Zeos do not get along with ADO components.

Best regards.