(Caluclated) "Field XXX cannot be modified" in ZQuery OnCalc event?

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(Caluclated) "Field XXX cannot be modified" in ZQuery OnCalc event?

Postby tomr » 20.03.2017, 11:30


I am migrating some IBX/Firebird code to ZEOS/Firebird (in Delphi 2009) and I have met strange issue: I have simple ZQuery with ZUpdateSQL and ZQuery has some calculated fields and one editable field. When I am opening query then calculated fields are calculated without problems. But when I am changing the value of the editable field then the error message is raised "Field XXX cannot be modified" upon first assignment in OnCalc event handler. Is this by design? What I am doing wrong?

TZQuery is very similar to TQuery (BDE) and TQuery allows to have calculated and editable fields in the same query.

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Re: (Caluclated) "Field XXX cannot be modified" in ZQuery OnCalc event?

Postby marsupilami » 20.03.2017, 15:15

Hello tomr,

this is expected behaviour, if you select the calculated fields in a query like this:

Code: Select all

select a, b, a+b as c from mytable

If your code is like this, and you don't use TZUpdateSQL, then c will be a read only data field. If I understand correctly what you do you need to select the data without c and then add a field of the kind fkCalculated to the TZQuery on the Delphi side. I would assume that things also work like this in IBX? OnCalcFields is only to be used for fields of kind fkCalculated and not for fields of kind fkData.

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