How can I check if connection is active?

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How can I check if connection is active?

Postby Soner » 28.09.2017, 12:21

in my program I have active TZConnection with Firebird datebase, then I connect with TFBAdmin to the Database server to change password from other user. When I do this TZConnection looses the connection, but the program does not know about it, ZConnection1.Connected is true and ZConnection1.Ping is also true. Now when I execute a sql command then TZConnection gives error:
"SQL Error: Invalid database handle (no active connection)..."
How can I check success full if then connection is really active?

I use Lazarus 1.6.4, fpc 3.0.2, Zeos 7.2.1-Svn 3951, Firebird 2.5 Database

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Re: How can I check if connection is active?

Postby marsupilami » 04.10.2017, 14:21

Hello Soner,

hmmm - currently the Firebird driver doesn't support pinging the server. But usually you should get an exception telling you that this operation is not supported...

But: Changing the password of a user should not kill other connections. Maybe it is a good idea to use Zeos for changing the password using the corresponding SQL from Firebird 2.5 (See corresponding part of Firebird 2.5 Language Ref. Update):
Firebird 2.5 Language Ref. Update wrote:ALTER USER username
[PASSWORD 'password']
[FIRSTNAME 'firstname']
[MIDDLENAME 'middlename']
[LASTNAME 'lastname']

-- At least one of the optional parameters must be present.
-- GRANT/REVOKE ADMIN ROLE is reserved to privileged users.

With best regards,


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