What's the best way of check the table structure?

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Postby papelhigienico » 02.01.2012, 19:02

EgonHugeist wrote:Sound's very good if you can fix the Metadata. I'm thinking of adding a mdCharacterSet and mdCollation type to get the specified CharacterSet and/or Collation for Field/Table/database objects. Then i wanna make a Property-Editor ready to select them in Designtime. So Zeos can use it and i need it in my Component to select it for Fields/Tables/Database. It seems Zeos messes this in mdTable/mdColumn metadata.... Don't you use it in your Component?

Yes, I use and I'm presuming that all character fields will be a UTF-8, so, the unique thing to be checked are if these characters fields are UTF-8.

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Postby EgonHugeist » 05.01.2012, 17:55

Look in your PN...
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