MSSQL Data read only

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MSSQL Data read only

Postby hoedlmoser » 24.01.2018, 11:30

Dear Zeos developers,

in version 7.14 stable I came up with a problem in unit ZDbcDbLibMetadata.pas (Lazarus, MSSQL):
The function "TZMsSqlDatabaseMetadata.UncachedGetColumns" performs two (redundant?) queries for metadata.
In first place 'sp_columns' procedure is called, later syscolumns table is queried with hard coded collation order.
If the database collation is anything else but "Latin1_General_CS_AS", this query will return an empty result set and cause any data to be read only!
To solve the issue I just deleted the collation directive and recompiled the package, but this is just a quick and dirty solution and I don't know if it might have any side effects.
Unfortunately Lazarus doesn't have a suitable debugging tool but Wireshark shows me that ZConnection queries the database collation and therefore it should be available to the function.

kind regards

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Re: MSSQL Data read only

Postby marsupilami » 25.01.2018, 19:39

Hello hoedlmoser,

this has been fixed in Zeos 7.2. Althoug Zeos 7.2 is still in Beta stage, it already works better than Zeos 7.1. Could you please switch?

With best regards,


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